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Welcome to Liberty Guesthouse Maldives @ ADh. Mahibadhoo, Ari Atoll

Liberty Guest House Maldives, a 10 rooms Guesthouse with attached bathrooms in ADh. Mahibadhoo, has an In-House Restaurant, a Paradise for Divers as we have our own Dive Center "Zala Divers" with a Diving Boat and the Best Diving Points within reach in minutes. Manta Points & Whale Shark Points are the best of all in this Atoll. Our Guest House is Located on the Beach.

We have our own In-House Multi Cuisine Restaurant, A Dive Center with a Diving Boat with Dive Compressor and Tanks, Water Sports Facilities, Snorkeling, All kinds of Fishing, BBQ, Excursions to inhabited and uninhabited islands etc.

We have the Best Whale Shark & Manta Points reachable within minutes from Liberty Guest House Maldives. The Best Diving Points in the Maldives are in this Atoll.

Our Guest House is NOT a Resort/Hotel. This is a Local Guest House and We kindly request our Clients to know the Difference between a Guest House and a Resort/Hotel. There is a Private Beach at the other end of the island, and Bikini is NOT allowed on the Island But you can wear very short SHORTS and T-Shirts and you can wear Bikini on Top Roof. You can wear Bikini on the Boat on trips to anywhere and on the Deserted Islands while on Excursions.
We have our Owner, Mr. Zala Based in the Liberty Guest House Maldives. He speaks Dhivehi, English, Italian, French, German, , Hindi. He is a Certified Diving Instructor. He has 27 years experience in the Tourism Industry and he had worked in many different jobs in Tourism Industry in this long period.
Mr. Zala had previously owned and operated His own Dive Center in a Resort and 2 Diving Safari Boats in Maldives. Our Diving Center is named by His name,
Zala Divers.
In his professional Diving Career, he has been Diving in the South & North of Maldives and Red Sea. Mr. Zala will be personally taking care of all our clients. Liberty Guest House Maldives is a Paradise for the Divers. We started the Guest House business, because Mr. Zala and the Staff working for the Guest House are of Great Experience in this Industry, and we thought we would better understand the needs of our Clients. Since we opened the Guest House on 11 October 2015, our clients who had been to Liberty Guest House are Very Happy about the Staff and the Place.




Our Services

  • A warm, welcoming and smiling service.
  • Beach front restaurant open: (7.00 a.m. – 10 p.m.) our restaurant serve International cuisine accompanied with a selection of drinks.
  • Breakfast, Half Board, Full Board transfer to and from the airport, organized excursions etc...
  • Complimentary uncapped Wi-Fi is available to all guests, throughout the property.
  • Email Us to info@libertymaldives.com or Contact Us by 009607779907 or 009607772984 (WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Signal, WeChat etc)
  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCh7-UJkPvtRgCNbQU3V30Kw
  • Our own Dive Center, ZALA DIVERS
  • www.facebook.com/libertyguesthousemaldives
  • www.instagram.com/libertyguesthousemaldives
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